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Service Offerings

Assisting in Psychometric Assessments (selection, development and growth), report-writing and feedback (individual and panel/management)
  • Career Development (Counselling)
  • Skills Audits; Succession Planning
  • Tools: Personality, Stress Derailers, Integrity, Value Orientation, Motivational Profile, Cognitive / Learning Potential, Competency based (In-baskets)
Co-presenting of Rewiring Workshops (understand your own "wiring" and the rewiring of habits - see www.bluepeaks.co.za)
Personal Development Plans & Job-Person Match (in conjunction with psychometric assessment results / 360°)
Research Studies - (i.e. Climate surveys, Change / Talent Management, Stress Management etc); developing manuals based on research
Assist in Lifestyle Adaptation Programs / Employee Wellness (touching on the emotional effect on the patient/employee as well as the family involved AND/OR assisting the employee to recognize the often buried ability to cope)
  • Also providing the link to other necessary professional assistance (Dietician, Occupational therapy etc.)
Short Term Intervention - Therapy (both employee and patient)
Providing Voluntary HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing (VCT services)
Support Groups for Employees (debriefing etc.)

*Prices available on request. Kindly take note that prices may vary depending on the size and type of projects as per client's needs.

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